Stone Machinery Movers

Export Crating and Packaging is routinely handled by our experienced employees.

Need to relocate an industrial plant or have a big project coming up? We can assist you in making the best use of each and every cube. Our quality export packing allows for stacking and long duration storage. Our boxes and containers are designed and packed for efficiency to ensure as much cube space as possible forshipments.

Our warehouse has ample room to handle your Export preparation requirements and all your crating and packaging needs.

Custom Wood Crates

Our skilled workers will custom design and build high-quality crates for product protection for one-time and multiple moves. We can crate and move all types of equipment including industrial, commercial and sensitive.

Palletizing and Shrink Wrap

Stone Machinery Movers will palletize your equipment, machinery, or bulky items. The items will be Shrink Wrapped and loaded for shipment or storage.