Stone Machinery

Machinery Moving

Stone Machinery Movers has a large fleet of equipment for your machinery moving needs. This includes tractors, trailers, forklifts, cranes, and a comprehensive line of support gear to facilitate anything that needs to be relocated.

Our crews are experienced, reliable and efficient. We can offload line trucks and install equipment; we can pick up, haul off, off load and place relocated equipment on premises – one piece or an entire plant. Our crews know how to move it, where to pick it, and where to block it.

Stone Machinery

Plant Relocation

Relocating an entire facility or a new production line requires a well coordinated effort of all parties involved including the owner, the equipment suppliers, and the contractor.

We have the experience to provide single source responsibility to accomplish the entire move, including project planning, disconnection of utilities, dismantling, match marking, crating, loading, hauling, off loading, setting in place, leveling, aligning, and reconnection of utilities – all planned and coordinated to expose our customers to the least down time possible.

Stone Machinery

Heat Treating Equipment

Complete Turn-Key Moves and Rebuilds:

Stone Machinery

All Systems, All Machines:

C-N-C & Conventional