I have been working with, and continue to work with, Steve Stone and Stone Machinery Movers since 2000.  We have done everything from moving a single piece of equipment to installing an entire manufacturing facility.  Over this time span, I have averaged using Stone Machinery Movers at least a dozen times per year.  I was completely satisfied with their work on every single occasion.  It is not often one can find a vendor of his consistent performance.  Their safety record with me has been flawless.  Not a single incident on any job over all of these years.  Greif has a very strenuous safety protocol, Steve and his crews have had no trouble meeting safety expectations.

In 200-2001 Greif installed a complete manufacturing facility in Houston.  Stone Machinery Movers set all of the equipment, installed the complete conveyor system, fabricated platforms, made much of the safety guarding, and did all of the required compressed air piping.  This was a $15 million dollar project.

In 2007 Greif installed a steel coil line with an integral steel washer.  Stone set all of the equipment, fabricated platforms, fabricated all of the safety guards, and did all of the compressed air & hydraulic piping.  This was a $5 million dollar project.

We have moved presses and other large pieces of equipment in most all of our plants, in several states, over the years.  Steve and his crews have been most accommodating to our schedule, often on very short notice.  When moving equipment from facility to facility, Stone Machinery Movers have handled the entire job.  They removed the equipment from service, arranged the trucking, and did the complete installation at the new location.

Mike Morrison

Senior Project Engineer